Vol.3, Spring 2010

Perspectives in Family Support is FRP Canada's occasional journal. It draws on scholarship that is relevant for practice and policy in the field of family support. We believe the articles will be of interest to a wide range of readers, including family support practitioners, policy makers, researchers, funders of community-based programs and others with an interest in the well-being of children and families in Canada.

Perspectives vol. 3 Spring 2010

This volume of Perspectives focuses on welcoming immigrant families into our communities and recognizing the challenges that family resource programs face in answering the needs of newcomer families.

Available in both English and French. Click on the image to download.

Individual articles

Support for New Immigrant Families-Challenges and Opportunities
Janice MacAulay, Betsy Mann, Kim Hetherington
The Participation of Immigrant Families in the Activities of Family Resource Programs
Marie Rhéaume
Taking an Advocacy With Approach to Better Support Families
Lianne Fisher
Our Learned Cultural Bias and Prejudice
Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria
Phase 2 of FRP Canada’s Welcome Here Project - A Summary Report of Lessons Learned
Reflecting on Issues of Translation and Interpretation
Betsy Mann
What are the Essential Elements of Valid Research? The Problem of “Data” and their Collection in Cross-Cultural Contexts
Judith K. Bernhard, Ph.D.

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