What Works for Whom publication What Works for Whom

Promising Practices in Parenting Education  draws out current knowledge about what is most effective when working with parents of young children living in circumstances with multiple challenges.

This examination of the literature and experience of practitioners was undertaken as part of the project "Ensuring Quality in Parenting Education" with funding from the Population Health Fund, Public Health Agency of Canada. (2008)

Download the publication (PDF 1.13 MB)

Also available from this project are Tip Sheets for parent educators who work with parents of young children living with multiple stressors:

  1. Getting Participants to Sign Up for Your Program (PDF  70 k)
  2. Getting Participants to Keep Coming (PDF  70 k)
  3. Helping Participants to Engage and Learn (PDF   k)
  4. Helping Participants to Use What They Learn (PDF   k)
  5. Helping Participants to Sustain Learning (PDF   k)