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Family Mental Health Resources

The websites below are resources recommended by family support practitioners and others in the family support sector. Further details on the resource or program are found by activating the link. The list is not intended to be exhaustive; it is a guide for organizations interested in supporting family mental health and a taste of the wide-range and often free resources available for families and professionals. Most of the links are from Canadian sources.

Resources for use with and by Youth

Mind Your Mind: An innovative web resource aimed at youth looking for information, resources and tools to “cope through tough times”. The Toolbox section offers Mobile Phone &Web Apps, Coping Tools for school anxiety, panic attacks (called Anatomy of a Panic Attack), dealing with parents and inner turmoil, as well as Quizzes & Tests, Stress Busters and Self Management Tools.

Mind Check - Ever Wonder? This website was created to assist young people to identify and understand mental distress they may be experiencing and to link them to sources of help that will enable them to learn skills and strategies to manage these problems.

Psychosis Sucks: The Fraser Health Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Program website. This site promotes early detection, educates about psychosis and provides direction for seeking help. The main objectives of the EPI Program are to increase understanding of psychosis, decrease stigma associated with having this disorder and provide direct treatment.

Teen Mental Health: Resources for families and teens, educators and health professionals. Including videos on teen brain development and ‘ask an expert,’ a list of most frequently asked questions.

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