Financial Literacy Resources for Adult Learners

ABC Life Literacy Canada - Money Matters
Money Matters is a financial literacy and education savings program for adult learners developed by ABC Life Literacy Canada. Money Matters workshops are available at no cost to community groups, teachers, librarians and learning centres across Canada.

Basic Skills for Living - Learning About Money
A community outreach project of the Winnipeg Branch of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE), the Learning About Money series provides online resources that teach the language and life skills of managing money day to day.  Includes learning modules that can be used in workshops.

Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy (CCFL)
The CCFL is dedicated to supporting financial literacy capacity across Canada with a goal to bring together government, businesses and community organizations to best serve low income and vulnerable Canadians.

The Community Financial Literacy Initiatives Across Canada is a project of the CCFL to map the financial literacy programs and services available through community agencies and non-profit organizations specifically for low-income and vulnerable populations. The map will include networks or collaboratives with associated mandates.

Edmonton Financial Literacy Society (EFLS)
EFLS provides financial literacy courses in partnership with other organizations – looking into the emotions that drive spending. Downloadable resources include tools to track spending and financial literacy research papers.

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