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                               Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs September 2013  
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Fifth Avenue
Video Contest
FRP Canada AGM
Resource Sheet
National Family Week
Positive Discipline
Trainings - FRP Canada
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Thurs., October 3, 2013
1 pm, Eastern
Register at Info@frp.ca

FRP Canada AGM
Monday, September 30, 2013
12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
129 Louis Pasteur,
room LPR 284
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

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FRP Canada has a new office, same address
The FRP Canada office moved during August, but you won’t have to change any contact information in your files. We had more space than we needed, and another organization on the same floor of the building needed to expand, so we switched places! Not only will the move save on rent costs, it encouraged us to go through files and think carefully about what we actually needed for our current operations. We are feeling lighter, and are happily settled in our new home. Please plan a visit whenever you are in Ottawa.
Fifth Avenue Collection makes donation to FRP Canada in support of women with post partum depression
Samiling Mask Pendant If you were at the 2011 conference in Montreal, you will remember the members of the Smiling Mask team, three amazing women from Saskatchewan who have devoted their energies to improving the lives of women experiencing post partum depression and their families. Carla O’Reilly has worked with Fifth Avenue Collection, a Saskatchewan-based family firm which sells fine jewellery in Canada and abroad, to produce a special Smiling Mask pin/pendant.
The company will donate $5 from each piece sold to a fund which will be distributed to FRP Canada members who are working to support women with post partum depression. To learn more about this new partnership, please visit http://www.fifthavenuecollection.com/Public/en-ca/Promotions/SmilingMask. To order a Smiling Mask pendant from that link, click on Jewellery, then on Neckpieces and search for Smiling Mask.
Video Contest
FRP Canada was one of the winners of the Best Practice Video Contest competition put on by Children & Youth in Challenging Contexts (CYCC) Network. Thanks to those who voted for the application video. The new video we have been funded to produce will tell others about the wonderful work you do.
Farewell to Ratna Nadkarni
Ratna NadkarniMany members have met Ratna through national projects or at conferences, and I know you will understand our disappointment that she is no longer with FRP Canada. In July, Ratna moved to Toronto so that her husband could pursue a new career opportunity. We wish Ratna and her family all the best in this new adventure.
FRP Canada Annual General Meeting September 30
This year’s AGM will be held at the University of Ottawa in a room that will allow Board members to participate virtually via video links. If you are in the Ottawa area on Monday, September 30, please plan to stop by for a light lunch and to attend the AGM. More details at www.frp.ca/AGM2013
Parent Resource Sheet
Advice You Didn't Ask For          Looking for the Good Side

Are you a pessimist or an optimist? When you pour 100 ml of water into a glass that holds 200 ml, is the glass half empty... or half full? When your four year old insists that the sauce on her plate can’t touch the noodles, do you call her picky... or say that she really knows what she wants? The words you use to describe your children make a difference . . . . .
                                                                                                             Download >
National Family Week
October 7 – 13, 2013
This year’s National Family Week theme, Strong Families, Strong Communities, reflects that communities are built by families and families are supported by communities.
See the website for  ideas and activities, prepared announcements to use in your newsletters, a list of events across Canada and an order form for promotional items. *Sticky note pads SOLD OUT.             
                                                                                                    www.frp.ca/NFW >
Positive DisciplinePositive Discipline in Everyday Parenting
The parent book has a new name:
Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting, and new pictures, but remains the same great book to help parents learn what positive discipline is, and how to do it.
The book can be downloaded in English and French from www.frp.ca/PositiveDiscipline . English copies can be purchased for $20 (bulk and member prices available).
Order form.
The final two facilitator trainings funded with help from the Ontario Trillium Foundation will be held in London, Ontario in October and Brantford, Ontario in January.  See the listing below or click for more information.
FRP Canada Trainings
e-Valuation Webinar, Thursday, October 3 at 1 pm Eastern.
Learn how to create your customized survey(s), and see how simple it is to get reports. Register by sending an email to info@frp.ca.
Mental Health First Aid
Upcoming trainings.  Please note that these trainings are all full.
Sept. 12-13th North End Women’s Centre – Winnipeg MB (closed group),
Sept. 16-17 in Cranberry Portage MB,
Sept. 19-20 Youville Centre Winnipeg MB.
Here's what participants have been saying about these trainings:
“this course should be taken by everyone, like medical first aid”
“wonderful approaches and resources to deal with situations..I am so grateful for this training”.
If you are interested in booking this training for your community, contact Christine Colbert, ccolbert@frp.ca, 1-866-637-7226, ext 230.
Social Return on Investment (SRIO) webinars
Building on the session offered at the 2013 conference in April, FRP Canada is offering two free webinars on this topic.
October 10, 1 pm, Eastern: What SROI analysis is and how it was carried out at a family resource centre whose E.D described the process as "highly engaging, validating and substantive.”
October 31, 1pm, Eastern: Interpreting the results, and how they might be used.
To register or request more information email info@frp.ca
Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting Facilitator Trainings
October 28-30, 2013 London, Ontario
January 21-23, 2014, Brantford Ontario
Fee: $160 for the first registrant from an organization, ($80 for second person). For more information and registration forms, go to www.frp.ca/PDTrainings.
These are the final two trainings funded by the Trillium Foundation.
To find out how you could bring Positive Discipline Facilitator training to your community, contact Christine Colbert, ccolbert@frp.ca, 1-866-637-7226.
New Resources
15 Parent Tips
Best Start Resource Centre. These tips complement its www.HealthyBabyHealthyBrain.ca website, providing parents and future parents  with some practical suggestions to support their baby’s brain development. www.beststart.org/resources/hlthy_chld_dev/tips_brain_dev/index.html
Beginning Journey: First Nations Prenatal Resources
This prenatal book book will help First Nations women prepare for pregnancy, to have a healthy pregnancy, and to welcome a new life into their family. Best Start Resource Centre with support from FNIH. Download or order from beststart.org/resources/aboriginal_health.html.
Breastfeeding Matters
An important guide to breastfeeding for women and their families
Best Start Resource Centre, Revised 2013. Download or order from beststart.org/resources/breastfeeding/index.html
Caring for Kids New to Canada
A free bilingual website from the Canadian Paediatric Society for health professionals working with newcomer children and youth. kidsnewtocanada.ca.
Caregiver-Infant Attachment for Aboriginal Families
This fact sheet discusses the importance of infant attachment for health and well-being as well as the impact that colonization and residential schools have had on attachment relationships in Aboriginal families. National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) http://www.nccah-ccnsa.ca/en/publications.aspx?sortcode=2.8.10&publication=75
Child Health and Wellness Resource Booklets
National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH), in partnership with the First Nations Health Authority with support of Best Start Resource Centre. Parents as First Teachers, Family Connections, Fatherhood is Forever, Growing Up Healthy.
Comfort, Play and Teach Parent Resources
In partnership with the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families, IMPH will now host a range of these resources, posting new resources each Monday. www.imhpromotion.ca
FASD Website
Government of Alberta. Including current initiatives, resources, prevention, discussion forum etc. fasd.alberta.ca/index.aspx
Growing Up in a New Land
Best Start Resource Centre. A booklet for newcomer parents with children birth to 6 containing information on community and government support organizations as well as resources and tips for adjusting to a new land while honouring one’s culture. beststart.org/resources/hlthy_chld_dev/
Innoweave - Social Innovation
Innoweave, an initiative of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, helps community organizations learn about, assess, and implement the new social innovation approaches such as developmental evaluation, social enterprise, social finance, impact and strategic clarity, collective impact, outcomes finance and cloud computing. On the Innoweave website innoweave.ca you can find modules on each of these topics, and information about webinars, workshops and coaching.
Nobody’s Perfect Parent Program Knowledge Sharing Forum
A new website for the Nobody’s Perfect Parent Program, with sections for parents and professionals. www.nobodysperfect.ca
Parenting for Life Resources
The Psychology Foundation of Canada psychologyfoundation.org/index.php/programs/parenting-for-life/booklets/
Pregnancy Is Not Always What You Expect
A new booklet from Best Start Resource Centre about mental health in pregnancy. www.beststart.org/resources/ppmd/index.html
Revamped website containing information for parents, children, teenagers and educators as well as a blog and news articles and videos from PREVNet, research and resources for bullying prevention.
UpStart Parent Survey
The UpStart Parent Survey has demonstrated promise as a brief, user-friendly program evaluation tool for prevention-focused parenting programs. For more information contact UpStart of the United Way of Calgary and Area: Champions for Children and Youth, email: info@upstartchampions.ca.
Young Parents Forum
www.pptconnection.ca - a space for young parents, 29 or younger to connect with other young parents, share experiences, expertise and support one another, moderated by Planned Parenthood Toronto.
Upcoming Events
Fall 2013, Five Good Ideas series from the Maytree Foundation, Toronto, ON. Also available through livestream:
- on Why You Should Welcome Complaints, Sept,  23, 12 pm - 2 pm, Eastern
- about How to Grow as a Leader, Oct. 18, 12 pm - 2 pm, Eastern
- about Non-profit Corporate Law Reform, Nov. 22, 12 pm - 2 pm, Eastern
Fall 2013, Various trainings and webinars by Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, Toronto, ON. See interactive calendar for details at www.hincksdellcrest.org/institute.
Fall, 2013, Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Teacher Training Workshops, Sept 13-14 Crofton BC, Sept 27-28 Toronto ON, Oct 4-5 Vancouver BC. www.nationalpcmgp.ca
Fall 2013, Workshop Module Series: Early Childhood Systems Renewal, G. Raymond Chang School of Ryerson University, Toronto ON. Perspectives on Change - Sept 20, Leadership for Transformation - Oct 18, Vision Building - Nov 22.  www.ryerson.ca/ce/ecsmodules
September 23, 2013, Infant Mental Health: IMH-101: The Basics, Toronto, ON and by webcast. www.IMHPromotion.ca
September 23 and October 7, 2013, RIRO Resiliency Skills Training for those who work with children from birth to eight years, Toronto, ON and online. www.reachinginreachingout.com
September 27 and October 2, 2013, Supporting Parents When Parents Experience Mental Health Challenges - A Train-the-Trainer Workshop, Kitchener ON and Markham ON. www.beststart.org/events/upcoming.html
September 23-25, 2013, International Conference on FASD Prevention, Edmonton AB. www.fasdedmonton2013.ca/
September 25, 2013, Building Indigenous Early Learning Competencies, Toronto Child and Family Network, Toronto ON http://bit.ly/IndigELComp
October 3, 2013, 1 pm FRP Canada's e-Valuation webinar, Register with info@frp.ca.
October 7, 2013, Workshop: Cyberbullying and Online Sexual Exploitation in the Lives of Girls and Young Women, Status of Women Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa ON. Information will be available on www.prevnet.ca.
October 25, 2013, Ready to Launch a Social Enterprise? workshop, Toronto ON. www.otf.ca/en/newsCentre/Innoweave-Workshops.asp
October 28-30, 2013, Positive Discipline Facilitator Training, FRP Canada, London ON. www.frp.ca/PDTraining
October 10 and 31, 2013, Social Return on Investment (SRIO) webinar,
FRP Canada, Ottawa ON. info@frp.ca
October 30, 2013, Child and Family Poverty Workshop, Dryden ON. www.beststart.org
November 4-8, 2013, Bounce Back and Thrive (BBT) Trainer Intensive - for trainers who train parents, Toronto ON. www.reachinginreachingout.com
November 5-7, 2013, Canadian Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion Conference, Montreal QC. www.injurypreventionconference.ca
November 20-21, 2013, Mothers Making a Difference National Conference, Calgary AB. www.hippycanada.ca
November 20-23, 2013, Embracing the Early Years Conference Capture the Moment, Burlington ON. www.embracingtheearlyyears.ca
November 25, 2013, Introduction to the ASQ-3 & ASQ:SE Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Toronto ON and by webcast www.IMHPromotion.ca
January 21-23, 2014, Positive Discipline Facilitator Training, Brantford ON. www.frp.ca/PDTraining
January 30 - February 1, 2014, Early Years Conference 2014, Shaping Childhood: Factors that Matter, Vancouver BC. www.interprofessional.ubc.ca/EarlyYears2014/
February 26-28, 2014, Best Start Resource Centre Annual Conference, Toronto ON. www.beststart.org
News from the Field
Call for Proposals to develop workshops for the Fortifying Father Involvement Toolkit. Dad Central Ontario is developing a toolkit to support communities’ efforts to engage fathers and is seeking individuals with expertise in specific areas to design 90 minute workshops for fathers.Deadline for submission Sept. 30, 2013. For all the information see http://www.dadcentral.ca/call_workshop_proposals.




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