Community Engagement Guide

The Community Engagement Guide for family support practitioners is a collection of ideas and strategies for reaching and engaging families living in social isolation. It is divided into the following sections:

  • Listening to the community
  • Building community partnerships
  • Outreach and promotion
  • Conducting focus groups

It is based on lessons learned at the project sites during the Social Inclusion project and is relevant to many different situations where practitioners seek to reach and engage isolated families, both Canadian-born and immigrants.

The Community Engagement Guide confirms the collaborative principles of community building that you already use, and it will provide you with flexible and practical tools to encourage more social integration in your communities.


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Document templates

You can download the following document templates (included as appendices in the Community Engagement Guide) to modify and use as you need:


Focus group documents

Supplementing the step-by-step guide for conducting focus groups, which is included in FRP Canada's Community Engagement Guide (see above), below are some forms and templates that you can download to modify and use as you need:

For focus groups with immigrant families
For focus groups with practitioners working with immigrant families