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University of Regina Fathering Study

Phillip Sevigny, a PhD candidate at the University of Regina, is recruiting research participants for an on-line study which aims to better understand fathers’ experiences of raising young children.

His study requires the participation of Canadian fathers and mothers living in the same household with at least one child aged 2-6. Fathers and their spouses/partners will be asked to complete on-line questionnaires about parenting. Participation in this study will help researchers and service providers better understand and meet the needs of fathers and mothers. Responding to the surveys typically takes approximately 20 minutes. All of the information gathered during this study will be anonymous and confidential.

Please consider publicizing this opportunity to participate in research within your own networks and with the families you serve. A promotional posters with tear-off tabs is available to download.

To participate in this study visit the Child and Family Research Group website:


The survey will remain open until the research group collects sufficient responses.

If you have any questions you may contact Phillip directly at phillip.sevigny@uregina.ca
or his research supervisor Dr. Lynn Loutzenhiser at Lynn.Loutzenhiser@uregina.ca.

This project has been approved by the Research Ethics Board, University of Regina.


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