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About the Welcome Here Project

Project goal:
The goal of the Welcome Here project is to create more welcoming communities through increased participation of immigrant parents at community-based programs. Through participation in these programs, newcomers can gain knowledge about Canadian life, form new and supportive peer relationships and have opportunities to contribute within their community in meaningful ways.

Project objectives:
  • To increase the role and effectiveness of family resource programs as key partners in a welcoming communities strategy
  • To expand the range of resources available to immigrant parents and to the programs that work with them
  • To reduce the impact of discrimination through the empowerment of new immigrant families as a result of their active participation in community programs
  • To create new and enduring partnerships between settlement agencies and family resource programs in communities across Canada
Welcome Here Resource Kit  
Creating welcoming communities for newcomer families

Lessons Learned, multilingual resource sheets, Welcome Here promotional items - all downloadable - developed by FRP Canada for the Welcome Here project.

Funding body:
Welcome Here is a project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada under the Welcoming Communities Initiative. The objective of the Welcoming Communities Initiative is to promote the strengthened participation of new immigrants in civil society and foster more inclusive and welcoming communities for new immigrants

The Welcoming Communities Initiative (WCI) is Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s contribution to the Government of Canada’s larger effort to leverage the benefits of Canada’s diversity by reducing discriminatory barriers. This larger effort, referred to as Canada’s Action Plan Against Racism (CAPAR), includes a series of initiatives and strategies within a number of federal departments and agencies.  The long-term and ultimate goals of CAPAR are to strengthen social cohesion and economic inclusion, enhance Canada’s legal frameworks and demonstrate federal leadership in the areas of diversity, human rights and the elimination of racism.

Sponsor organization:
Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)
707 – 331 Cooper St., Ottawa, K2P 0G5
613-237-7667, toll free:1-866-6-FRPCAN (1-866-637-7226) /

Project duration:
Phase I: February 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008 (14 months)
Phase II: June 9, 2008 – March 31, 2010 (22 months)




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