The FRP Canada resources featured on this website were produced under two projects: the Social Inclusion project and the Welcome Here project.


Social Inclusion project

Officially titled Family Resource Centres: Community Settings that Support Social Inclusion, the goal of this project was to attract and engage isolated new Canadian families (defined as immigrants who have lived in Canada for three or more years) to community-based family resource programs in order to build transferable skills, enhance knowledge about Canadian practices and values, increase intercultural understanding, provide opportunities to contribute through volunteerism (including mentorship of other new Canadian families) and nurture broader social networks.

Twenty FRP Canada member organizations were selected as host sites to develop activities to meet this goal in their communities. These sites connected with community partners for outreach and support to isolated new Canadian families. The project funded a part time outreach worker at each host site. FRP Canada facilitated the interaction of the host sites to share their learnings and to support one another.

Key deliverables

Peer Mentoring Guides for family support practitioners and volunteers
Community Engagement Guide for family support practitioners
Funder Inter-Action, the Multiculturalism Grants and Contributions Program of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Project duration August 1, 2010 – July 31, 2012

One of the initial activities was a series of community needs assessment focus groups. Click here to read about the themes, needs and program ideas that emerged from these discussions.


Welcome Here project

The goal of the Welcome Here project was to create more welcoming communities through increased participation of immigrant parents at community-based programs. Participation in these programs can help newcomers gain knowledge about Canadian life, form new and supportive peer relationships and have opportunities to contribute within their community in meaningful ways. A key objective was to create new and enduring partnerships between settlement agencies and family resource programs in communities across Canada.

Key deliverables

Welcome Here Resource Kit (see the FRP Canada Resources page for kit contents: Lessons Learned booklets, Welcome brochures and Welcome Posters)
Welcome Here website
Multilingual Why Play? brochures
Multilingual Parenting Info

Funder Welcoming Communities Initiative, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Project duration Phase I: February 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008 (14 months)
  Phase II: June 9, 2008 – March 31, 2010 (22 months)

For more information, contact

Ratna Nadkarni, Project Coordinator welcomehere[AT]